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    Final grades offered including results of the Optinal Exam are available at the webpage of the course.

    Those who do not accept the offered grade can subscribe to the oral exam for the 18th of January.

    Topics of the oral exam can be seen and downloaded also at the website.

    We wish all of our students  a  merry Christmas , 

                 a Happy New Year 200

                         and successful exams!                  Keszei Ernő & Szalay Zsfia



    The Hungarian Lecture Notes (under heavy construction, without any warranty) are available at the webpage of the course.
    You may use it for your own risk. Any comments and/or remarks are welcome.


    The optional midterm exam is at 13:00 sharp, December 21 in room No. 158.


    The Takehome Exam is Microproject 1.15, page 281 in  Atkins 6th edition.
    You are supposed to give a survey of the state of the art of modern lead batteries as well.
    (It is worth writing as you can get extra points for this information included.)

    Deadline: December 15.

    The third midterm exam is at 10:00 sharp, December 6 in room No. 610 ("prow").
    Please, take your calculators for the problem solving seminars.



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