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Keszei, Ernő; emeritus professor of chemistry


Loránd Eötvös University, Budapest
Department of Physical Chemistry and Laboratory for Chemical Kinetics
1518 Budapest 112, P.O. Box 32
phone: (36-1) 372-2500, extension 1904
fax: (36-1) 372-2592
e-mail: keszei@chem.elte.hu

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 - Hungarian edition of Pilling-Seakins: Reaction Kinetics  (Look for the English interface)
     Born 1951, MSc 1975, PhD 1978, Dr. habil. 1995 Eötvös University 
Working from 1977 at Eötvös University; professor of chemistry 1999-2019, head of the department 1993-2007,
2008: director, Institute of chemistry; 2010-2013 vice rector for science, research and innovation 

2010-2021: member of the BFUG representing Hungary; BFUG co-chair 2011
professor emeritus since 2019
1985-87 & 1989-91 visiting scientist at Sherbrooke University (Canada) As a private person...

Research interests

 1985-         Electron transport and thermalization in condensed media.
                   Evaluation via numerical deconvolution of femtosecond kinetic data.
                   Kinetics and dynamics of electron solvation.
                   Mechanism of ultrafast electron- and energy-transfer reactions.

1978-1985  Orientation of molecules in fluids.
                   Rayleigh light scattering study of polymer solutions and simple liquids.
                   Study of rainfall and throughfall waters in undisturbed forest areas.

1975-1978  Construction of a Knudsen-type source of molecular beam for a mass-spectrometer.
                   Mass spectrometric studies of semiconductor alloys and their vapour.
                   Mass spectrometric studies of the pyrolysis of various halogenated hydrocarbons.

Ph.D. programme: Statistical inference and modeling in femtosecond kinetics

Selected publications

1. Internet publications

P. Holpár, T. Megyes, E. Keszei: Electron Solvation in Methanol Revisited, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 55, 573 (1999) - Appendix to the printed paper

Ernö Keszei: Increasing the Accuracy of Equilibrium Constants With Nonlinear Curve Fitting,
Feature Article, Laboratory Network, 11/5/98 (1998)

2. Printed papers

Ernő Keszei: Efficient model-free deconvolution of measured femtosecond kinetic data using a genetic algorithm,  J. Chemometrics 23, 188-196 (2009) (PDF document)

Ákos Bányász, Ernő Keszei: Model-free deconvolution of femtosecond kinetic data,  J. Phys. Chem. A, 110, 6192-6207 (2006) (PDF document)

Ákos Bányász, Edit Mátyus, Ernő Keszei: Deconvolution of ultrafast kinetic data with inverse filtering, Radiat. Phys. Chem. 72, 235-242 (2005) (PDF document)

E. R. Barthel, I. B. Martini, E. Keszei and B. J. Schwartz, Solvent effects on the ultrafast dynamics and spectroscopy of the charge-transfer-to-solvent reaction of sodide, J. Chem. Phys. 118, 5916-5931 (2003) (PDF documents)

Keszei, Ernö
; Takács, M. G.; Vizkeleti, B. A Straightforward Method to Determine Equilibrium Constants from Spectrophotometric Data, J. Chem. Educ. 77, 927 (2000) (abstract) (manuscript + webmaterial)

T. Megyes, E. Keszei: Ambiguity of Electron Solvation Mechanisms in Polar Liquids, J. Chim. Phys., 96, 13 (1999) (abstract)

L. Turi, P. Holpár, E. Keszei: Alternative Mechanisms for Solvation Dynamics of Laser Induced Electrons, J.Phys. Chem., 101, 5469 (1997) (PDF document)

E. Keszei, T. H. Murphrey, and P. J. Rossky: Electron Hydration Dynamics: Simulation Results Compared to Pump and Probe Experiments, J. Phys. Chem., 99, 22 (1995) (PDF document)

I. Salabert,T. H. Tranh-Thi, H. Ali, J. van Lier, D. Houde, E. Keszei: Optical and Photophysical Properties of Self-assembled Porphyrins and Porphyrazines. First Evidence of Formation of Mixed Pentamers, Chem. Phys. Letters.223, 313 (1994) (abstract)

E. Keszei, S. Nagy, T. H. Murphrey, and P. J. Rossky: Kinetic Analysis of Computer Experiments on Electron Hydration Dynamics, J. Chem. Phys.99, 2004 (1993) (PDF document)

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